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Last year I was convinced I would move to Berlin. I would get a job there, take street-photography lessons, discover all the quirky bars and cafes, and try out every vegan quinoa salad the city has to offer. But the plan has changed a bit. Instead of Berlin, two months ago I settled in my new apartment in Düsseldorf. Jup. Even I was surprised. Yet, after six months of virtually exploring Berlin, I could not stay away. So I packed my suitcase, invited a close friend to come with, and traveled to Berlin.

To ensure we saw something new in the city Sharon and I followed the Mitte route as drawn out in the "100% Berlijn" (Dutch) travel guide. This little book guided us through beautiful streets, to historic places, but also to uplifting cute cafe’s and even a cute modern bookstore named “Do you read me?!”



Mitte, better known as the city center, is my definition of a beautiful mess. It has crazy street art, a great mixture of architectural styles, and lively streets. It is also a very touristy area, where you can find many of Berlin’s classic hotspots such as the Brandenburger Tor, the Reichstag Building, and Checkpoint Charlie.

The Holocaust-Mahnmal, or the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which symbolizes the graves of all Jewish people who were killed, but not given a grave, during World War Two completely struck me. The stones seem to be all unique and as you walk deeper into the maze of concrete, the stones become higher and higher. It is incredibly impressive to stand amongst these.

I was told that the parliament building of “Dem Deutsche Volke” was very impressive. Unfortunately, so was the line to enter it. Therefore we decided to admire the building from far and move on to the next hot spot: the East-Side-Gallery.


The East-Side-Gallery is a must see when you are in Berlin. I don’t think I have ever seen such a big (and beautiful) collection of street art. Add a touch of history (as it is of course painted on the Berlin Wall, and you got yourself an incredible, open-air gallery.

Neu Koln 

Eventually, we ended up in a rooftop bar in Neu Koln called “Klunker Kranich”. Don’t be fooled when you walk out of the metro stop and Google Maps claims that you are there. You have to enter the shopping center right across the street and take the elevator up to the parking lot. Now walk over all the empty parking spaces, because let’s face it, you’re probably going here after all the shops have already closed, and you’ll find this hidden gem. You pay about four euro’s to get in, but food and drinks are pretty affordable and if you are lucky you can enjoy a beautiful sunset which is definitely worth the initial investment. The vibe in Klunker Kranich is very much hipster meets stoner and the people are very open, which is also rather a necessity as you are likely to share a table with strangers. The perfect place for a relaxed evening!

 -  What is your favorite spot in Berlin?  -

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Ps. The cliches are true. The currywurst is literally everywhere. It’s a little ridiculous. ;) 

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