20 Lies I tell myself during testweek

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You have big lies, little lies and lies that you tell yourself when you want to ignore all possible options to be productive. And I have recently become an expert in the last category. You guessed it, it's that time of the semester: exam week! A week full of stress, frustration and emotional eating. Fortunately this time the torture will only last for four days and I have something fun to look forward to! This weekend I'm going to London with Jessy! How cool? Now, I actually have to focus on my books again, but before I do that I will share my top 20 lies I tell myself during testweek.

Je hebt grote leugens, kleine leugens en leugens die je jezelf verteld als je alle mogelijke opties om productief te zijn ontwijkt. En dat laatste, daar ben ik echt een expert in. Je raad het al, het is weer die tijd van de periode: toetsweek! Een week vol stress, frustratie en emotie eten. Gelukkig duurt deze toetsweek voor mij maar vier dagen en heb ik een ontzettend leuk weekend voor de boeg. Dit weekend ga ik namelijk samen met Jessy Londen onveilig maken! Hoe cool? Nu moet ik stiekem weer verder met leren, maar voordat me weer op m'n boeken focus zal ik eerst nog even voor jullie mijn top 20 leugens die ik mezelf vertel tijdens de toetsweek opnoemen.

#1 *before testweek*  Nah, I do not need to write that down, I will remember it. 

#2 *beginning of testweek* This testweek I am going to work my but of and get straight A's. 

#3 I paid a lot of attention in class, I probably already know half of the things we have to learn! 

#4 Cleaning my room is really necessary right now, because nobody can learn in a messy room. 

#5 Just like choosing which outfits I am going to wear during this week.

#6 *book lays open for two hours* Yes mom, I have already been studying for two hours! 

#7 *After reading just one sentence* I am working so hard, I deserve chocolate! 

#8 Nah, I don't think this will be on the test.

#9 *after first test* When I come home, I will directly hit the books.

#10 I will just go online to check my schedule, I will not go on facebook. 

#11 Putting on music is not going to distract me from studying. 

#12 Dancing with your study books is an alternative way of studying.

#13 I will just take a nap for 30 minutes...

#14 This is the last episode I watch, then learning books only! 

#15 I should really check out my biorhythm to see if I should trust on my knowledge or on my intuition! 

#16 And I should also check my horoscoop to see if there are things going to happen that I should be prepared for. 

#17 My level of concentration will definitely improve after having another snack.

#18 I should google which snacks improve your concentration level! 

#19 I have so much to do and only two hours left, I need to make a planning for the entire week, no my entire life, right now! 

#20 *end of testweek* This semester was a learning moment, from now on, I am going to focus on school only! 

Also writing this article and giving all of these lies a different color was absolutely necessary and not just to avoid learning... (lie #21 & #22) This article is different from my usual posts, but I hope you enjoyed reading it! Do you also tell yourself these lies? And do you have any lies yourself that should be added to this list? I would love to read your lies in the commends! For the people who are currently studying for a test: stop lying, stop procrastinating and good luck with your tests! ;)

Dit artikel schrijven en alle leugens een andere kleur geven was natuurlijk ook 100% nodig en totaal geen manier om het leren uit te stellen! (leugen #21 & #22) Dit artikel was weer eens wat anders, maar ik hoop desalniettemin dat jullie het leuk vonden om te lezen en dat jullie je in een paar leugens misschien herkennen. Misschien heb je zelfs zelf nog een paar leuke leugens! Ik zou het ontzettend leuk vinden om te lezen welke leugens jij gebruikt! En voor de gene die nu ook toetsweek hebben of nog moeten beginnen: stop met liegen, stop met uitstellen en heel veel succes! ;)

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3 interesting thoughts

  1. I think this is very common and ever does this or has done this. I know I have. I never knew how people could just sit down and study for hours. My attention span is way too short to ever do that. But anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your exams!

  2. Haha heel herkenbaar dit!!!

  3. Heb hier zo hard om gelachen want dit is exact mij ! x