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Alright, it's really not like my life is so super exciting or interesting or anything like that, but for my English class we had to write an autobiography. Since you guys are usually very interested in personal posts, I thought I should share it with you guys! So I'm really curious what you think of it and if you see any grammar mistakes, don't be afraid to let me know! ;) 

Oke, het is echt niet alsof mijn leven zo super spannend en interessant is ofzo, maar voor mijn engels klas moesten we een autobiografie schrijven. Aangezien jullie meestal erg nieuwsgierig zijn naar persoonlijke artikelen, dacht ik dat het wel leuk zou zijn om dit met jullie te delen. Ik ben natuurlijk heel benieuwd wat jullie er van vinden en mocht je nog foutjes ontdekken, laat me het dan vooral weten! ;)


Looking back on your life when you haven’t even lived it to the end, that is what an autobiography is all about, isn’t it? As a 16 years old girl, currently writing one, I should know. Let me introduce myself, I am Sanne van Egmond, born at the 16th of May in 1996 and no, luckily there’s no end date yet. 

As the oldest kid in the house, I have lived in an appartment in Rotterdam for the first four years of my life. When my mom got pregnant again we moved to Barendrecht, where my little brother was born. As an exited young child, I really wanted to see my dearest brother, but I soon learnd that patience is a one of the greatest treasures. 

Yes, patience is what I missed when I first met my little brother. He was laying on the dresser and all of the family was standing around him. Excited me didn’t want to wait till the other family members would leave, no, I had to see him directly! Of course I was the one standing at the end of the dresser... Guess what happened? He pooped in my hair. Next thing I learned is that baby poop is pretty difficult to get out of your hair! That’s the story behind how I first met my sweat little brother. 

At that same age I also had to go to school, which I hated, since I wanted to be with my mother and grandma the whole day long. Also I just hated the work, all I wanted was to do was to play with my dolls or to do some crafting. I remember at third grade, I noticed that all the math excercises would be underneath the number of twenty. Which was great, because I never had to do any of my homework ever again, since I could just pick any of those numbers. I always was the first one ready to do something for herself. (you guessed it: crafting) 

Let’s move forward till the next big happening. My little sister was born. So I guess I was about five years old and walking in the parck with my grandma when I heard the ‘goodnews’ after the poop incident with my dear brother, I wasn’t so excited about my new sister. Where my grandma wanted to go see her as fast as she possibly could, I refused and told her I’d only go with her if we’d find a buttercup. This wouldn’t have been so hard if it was summer, but it wasn’t, it was mid October and the rain was falling down the sky like it was air. 

Moving forward again, at the age of seven I started to get really considered about the world. I started not wanting to do certain ‘normal’ things, because I thought those things were bad or unnecesary. Unfortunately, most of my teachers and family thought I was just being a little stubborn. Luckily, my mother understood and when I told her I wanted to become a vegetarian, she accepted it. 

My grandmother was the most against the whole being a vegetarian thing. She tried to convince me why eating meat is a good thing and how rude I’d be to other people when I wouldn’t eat everything that they give to me. From her perspective I was just being very ungrateful. Of course, as a young child, this hurts, but luckily I stayed true to my believes. 

Also at school things weren’t always as easy. I’ve had several ‘best friends’ at primary school, which also meant: loads of bitch fights. Luckily, I’ve never been bullied, but I’ve been ignored a lot. 

Once, I think I was about 10 years old, I was best friends with this girl who lived with her mother and brother (both handicapped) and we had so much fun together. Of course I noticed her mother and brother were a bit difficult and of course I knew that she wasn’t living in a normal house, but she was a very sweet kid. Months went by end everything seemed to go okey, but then at just a random day of playing together, she lost the keys of her bike. We searched for hours, but we couldn’t find them. And then she suddenly blamed me for it, I still don’t know why, but I guess she was afraid to tell her mother. 

So my friendship with her was already kind of getting ruined, but this wasn’t even the worst part. The next day I came to school, everybody was looking at me like I was holding a gun or something. So the teacher called me in front of the class and asked me why I’d stolen her keys, I said I didn’t stole them, so she called me a liar and send me home. After a few monthes of being ignored by my classmates, the girl was replaced to another family, because the mother couldn’t take care of her. Very sad of course, but I was happy that everybody would act normal to me again. 

At the age of 12 I had finally finished primary school and I could go to highschool.   I was really excited, since primary school hasn’t always gone completely as planned. So I had never ever thought about what I wanted to do after primary school, I just wanted to go to highschool! So I was already planning on just going to the same class as my friends and where everybody was stressed for the cito, I was very laid back. 

Then the results of the test came back and my teacher had already told me that I’d most likely go to ‘mavo/havo,’ I was very glad about this because all my friends were going there as well. Than suddenly cito said I could do VWO. I was flabbergasted. What? Me? In a class full of nerds? No way. 

But actually it went pretty well. I choose to just take the opportunity and go to VWO. A big step, but I’m very happy that I took it at the moment. School went pretty well, I got good grades for most of the tests and made great friends. 

In third grade, when I was about fifteen years old, I started to want more money. Unfortunately, there weren’t many jobs for a fifteen year old. So I wrote many applications, but nobody wanted me. Than my mother asked me if I wanted to become the postman, it would only be 2 days a week and it payed well. So I said yes and got the job. Than after about nine monthes, the post company I worked for stopped, so I got fired for the very first time. 

I directly started write new applications again and three months later I got a call of Albert Heijn, I could start directly. I didn’t really liked the work at Albert Heijn, but I liked the people and the money, so I stayed. Two months later HEMA called me, if I could come work for them. Since I wasn’t totally happy with the job at Albert Heijn I took the job. But handeling the stress of school, I was in the fourth grade, and two jobs, made me crazy. So this september, I quitted the job at HEMA and stayed at Albert Heijn. 

It’s much better to just work two days instead of, well let’s say five. Currently I feel like I have much more free time and do my homework a lot more than I used to. Like, here I am, still in VWO, writing autobiography for my English class. I guess a lot has changed while the years were passing by and I’m sure I’ll be facing many more changes in the future. 

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