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The Vogue, also known as one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, has agreed on not using unhealthy (or to skinny) models anymore. The Vogue is a big source of inspiration for many people and that's great, but being a source of inspiration also has it's responsibillitys. When you influence people, you always want to influence people the best way you can, but in the hard world of the fashion industry, that's sometimes very difficult. Because where do you cross the line between art and cruelty? Certainly when the beauty standard of this century is to be very skinny. It's difficult to know where to stop, where to say, I'm not doing this anymore, I'm not crossing my limit. Because, where do you put that limit? What's the border between good and wrong?

Especially when there's so much pressure on you. There is so much competition and it's hard to be at the number one position, because people will expect you to give them the best. They only want what's perfect from Vogue; amazing pictures with beautiful models and the newest fashion. And if the people want pictures of very skinny models, than that might be a secrofice Vogue is willing to take. It's just a company, a company where you can get hired and where you can get fired. As result of the pressure, many models started to strarve themselves. They started to go to the gym on a daily basis without eating anything. Anoraxya was created.

This big issue isn't only in the fashion industry, in fact I even know people who have been/are suffering form anorayia. It's a terrible desease which kills people in the most horrible way you can imagine. In fact, you're killing your self by starving yourself. This also happened to the model Bethaney Wallace. Bethaney was only 12 when she started moddeling, but her life stoped already seven year later. She was a very succesfull model and got well paid. But she had a lot of competition and she still believed that she wasn't beautiful enough. At the end of her life, she only weight 38 kilo.

While I'm writing this, I'm wondering what she must have felt and what she must have gone through. People saying to her head she wasn't good enought? Or maybe even saying to her that she was to fat? Or was it all in her head? I can't believe, how someone can really hate the way they look so much, that they're even willing to starve them selves. And what did Vogue do to her?

What did the media do to her? Is her dead, together with the dead of many other models, the reason why Vogue has prommised to not use unhealthy models? To avoid the skinny models?

I think it's a bit hypocritical to not take skinny models, when they're still using photoshop to slim the models down. Because the young girls who read the Vogue will still think that they have to be that skinny to be beautiful. And that's not true! I just think that Vogue would be on improving with avoiding the super skinny models. But I do think that if they want to be more real, they should skip the photoshop part. What do you think?

Much love!

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