Zara spring summer 2012 lookbook

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Even though it feels like summer is still far away, you can already make your summer/spring wishlist for many brands. Now ZARA has also shown a sneak peak of their new collection, so since I know we're all very curious, I'll share this sneak peak with you! 

What we see are many flower prints but also very minimalistic outfits. So you kinda have the best of both worlds. Since there is something for everybody. I must say, with all those flower prints and bright colors, I definitely get that summer feeling back! :) 

You can see that the pastal colors are coming back and that they can be used into the color blocking trend as well. I think they're definitely great for spring, because they're really romantic and flirty colors. For the cold days you can combine a blouse with a nice cardigan, so you can adapt your outfit to the weather.

Just saw my new spring/summer crush: the studded collar. Collars, we've seen them a lot this winter. We've seen the cute peter pan collar, the neat and straight collar, we've seen them worn as necklaces and this is definitely a trend to stay! For me that's great because I really love this trend, I was actually planning to make a collar with pearls myself. So I'll let you guys know how that turned out! :)

Then the flower print what I talked about before, it's definitely nothing for me, but I can see other people actually wear it and totally rock it. I personally wouldn't have combined this way, I think I would have gone for the a bit more safe way so I wouldn't have combined the flower shorts with the flower top. Maybe I'd wear the shorts with a white blouse and some nude heels.

Love your pajamas? Well then I've got some good news for you, the pajama trend is back. (or it's just created, since I don't know if this ever was a trend before) The right picture is a typical print which you'd usually see on a scarf and ZARA has made it into a blouse. Then the left one just looks like you just got out of bed and had no time to change yet. I have to admit that they did a quite nice job on reaching that effect, but this isn't my style. Maybe I just got to get used to it. What do you think, do you like the pajama trend? 

Look, this is what I mean! Four words: I love this jacket! It's so cool and stylish. I love the studs and the shape, it's just perfect! Again it's combined with a pastel color, mint green. (which is actually one of the trend colors for this summer) But it's also combined with black. So we're also going to see a little black and white this summer. I think I can work with that! ;)

The shining trough blouse, a very dared chose, but if it looks good at you, why wouldn't you wear it?
Again it's a pretty minimalistic item, which you could perfectly combinate with the black and white trend. Maybe you could wear this blouse with a nice white skirt and a big golden necklace.

I actually felt in love with this outfit! It looks very cool and sophisticated. I love the fact that a pretty cute pink skirt is combined with rock and roll colors like black and grey. I also love the fact that the cardigan has little studs on it. Great details. This is actually something I would wear.

A very minimalistic jumpsuit. Totally white. I think that this jumpsuit actually doesn't need a lot to make it more special. I'd add a black blazer, some black heels and a few statement jewelry pieces and I'd be done. Maybe that's what's special about this jumpsuit, even though it's like a blanc canvas, it's already an artwork at itself.

Than the fridges, yes, they're definitely back. Fridges can totally complete a lay-back, festival outfit. So they're perfect for summer! And of course if you need to save some more money or if your closet is just way to full, you can make a fridges dress/shirt yourself. Just take an old dress or T-shirt and start cutting it, it's quick and easy. Do you like the fridges trend? 

Prints, prints, prints, not only flowers this time. I don't know what to think of this one. I wouldn't wear it myself, but I can't say that I hate it. Even though there are very crowded prints combined together, I think this outfit could be worn to a chic diner or something like that. What do you think?

This is definitely one of my favorite trends of this summer: the bright pants.  I love them so much! I already have a purple one, I've just ordered a blue one and I'm planning to buy a red one as well. They can just turn something as simple as a white blouse into something special. I think they can really spice up a normal outfit a bit, but they're also great to wear to school or to work. If you like them I'd definitely recommend you to have one of these in your closet!

So what are do you think of the new collection of ZARA. Do you like it, or are you going to let this one pass you by. And which trend of the moment fits you the best? Let me know! 

Much love!

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