What to wear at valentine?

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Sometimes, you just don't know what to wear, even though your closet is totally filled, there's just nothing that seems right. Recognizable? Well you're not the only one. We're all people and people can just change their mind in like only five seconds. It's usually no big deal. When we, as dutch girls, don't know what to wear we usually grab out denim jeans with a cute blouse or a nice vest. That's okey, for a regular day of school, but when you have a little crush and you want to look special for them, you got to wear something else my dear! So since it's almost valentines day, I'll give you some quick and easy tips to look a little more special. Want to find out my tips? Click read more! :) 

1. Wear colors, when you want to be noticed you should wear something noticeable. Don't be afraid to use colors, if you know how to combinate them and if you know which colors look the best at your skin tone than colors can be your best friend! Just a little tip: There has been a research to find out which color man find most attractively, it's red. So if you have that one beautiful red top/skirt/jeans laying around, why not wear it today? ;)

2. Take care of the little details, a beautiful necklace, bracelet or ring can change your whole outfit. But be aware that your accessories can brake or make your outfit, so be sure that everything matches. Also don't overdo it. Less is more, remember? Always take off the last piece of jewelry you put on, I don't know why this works so well, but just trust me, it works!

3. Wear heels, but watch your hight! For a man there is nothing more attractive than a sexy girl on heels. It looks feminine, it makes your legs look longer and more skinny. I mean, isn't that what we all want? But remember that you need to be able to walk on them, because you can't sit on a chair the entire day! Here a quick video of wendyslookbook to learn how to walk on heels.


source: tumblr
4. Don't use to much make-up, believe it or not, boys usually don't like our make-up. Or at least, they don't like the make-up they can see. So don't overdo it, don't start experimenting with bright colors at a first date because you might scare them of. You can better keep it a bit more safe by using only a bit powder, concealer, mascara, blush and maybe lipgloss. (just never chose a sticky one, or one with a weird smell :P) Just go for the natural look. Want to know how to create a natural look? Watch this video of Michelle Phan. 


So I'm curious, is there somebody you want to look beautiful for at valentines day? Let me know what you think of my tips, maybe you have your own great tip? Just leave it in a commend! I'm looking forward to see what you think of it!

Much love!

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