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If I was a... I was a...

Have you ever wondered, what you'd be if you weren't human. You'd still be you, but not in the human body. What would you be? I'm actually not the only person in this world who thought about this, because other people even made a tag about it! When I red about this tag at lunalovelyworld, I really wanted to do this tag myself. It's so much fun and it's actually a bit inspiring to think about things which might describe you. If you want to know what I'd be, if I was a... just keep on reading!

If I was a month, I'd be May.
That answer would definitely be may. My birthday is in May so that would be the main reason, but it's also a beautiful month at itself. It's usually not to cold and not to warm, I got many holiday days in may and it's usually the month when most animals are born.

If I was a day, I'd be  Saturday.
The only day of the week that I can be totally free. I don't have to go outside, I don't need to study, I don't need to work, I don't have to go to school, just a relaxed day. Since I can be very lazy sometimes, this would be totally me.

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If I was a time, I'd be  one o'clock.
It's the perfect time, because it's in the middle of the day. When it's one o'clock you can still do everything. You still got your whole day. When I was at primary school I used to be out at 1 o'clock at Wednesday. I know that I used to always look forward to that day so I could play with my friends. Now,  in weekends or holidays, when my friends and I are doing something, we still meet at one o'clock.

If I'd be a planet, I'd be Earth.
Well this is a bit tricky, because I've never looked closely to the other planets, so I wouldn't know why I'd be any other planet.

If I'd be a sea-animal, I'd be an oyster. 
I'd be an oyster, because I think, all the good stuff is in the inside. My outside is just my cover, but my pearl is in the inside.

If I'd be a direction, I'd be South-West. 
In the South are usually the hot temperatures and in the west are usually the big shopping city's. So I just combined them and went for South-West.

If I was a furniture piece, I'd be a bed.
Because when it's cold outside, or the darkness intrudes, I'd always be there for my friends and family, to give them a warm hug and to offer them a safe place. I think that's what a bed stands for.

If I was a fluent, I'd be mineral water. 
Mineral water is pure, it looks so simple, but it's actually so complicated. Water is versatile, it can be used  as a drink, but it can also be used to safe people from a fire and it's used to help the plants grow.

If I'd be a tree, I'd be a Japanese blossem.
I love the look of this tree and I don't know a lot about my mariage yet, I don't even know who I'm going to marry yet, but if I'm going to marry, I definitely want to have one of these trees. Maybe you've seen those romantic movies when a couple is going to marry and they're standing underneath a big tree with pink flowers. Can you imagine? That'd be perfect.

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If I was a tool, I'd be a file.
A tool? That's a bit difficult. I'd choose for a file, because it sounds the most feminine. But a file is also very handy, because you can just give the finishing touches with a file. I think a file also says a lot about me, since I'm a huge perfectionist.

If I was a flower, I'd be a water lily. 
The truth is that one of the translation of Sanne (I don't know in which language anymore) is water lily. So if I had to choose a flower, the water lily would be it. 

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If I was a weather, I'd be sunshine. 
Who wouldn't want to be sunshine? People love you because you're hot, warm and you give as vitamine D which makes us happy? Even though I can't give vitamine D in the way the sun can, I still always try to make the people around me happy. 

If I'd be a music instrument, I'd be a guitar. 
I love the sound of a guitar. I truly love it. Maybe because I like pop rock music, or maybe because I've seen to many romantic movies where a guy wrote a love song for his girl and song it for her with a guitar. I can't explain why I'd be a guitar, but I can say that I'd wish that I could play the guitar myself. (maybe something to do in the futur :p) 

If I was an expression, I'd be a real smile. 
When you're really happy, people can see it in your eyes. Why? Because you're giving them the real smile, when every part of your face is laughing with you. I think that's the most beautiful expression you can ever make. 

Source: prettyprettybaby.wordpress.com 
If I'd be a color, I'd be lavendel. 
I don't know, I think I'd be blue or purple or maybe even a light pink. I've always had a weakness for colors, I just can't choose. Maybe that says something about me as well? But if I'd need to choose a color right now I'd be lavendel. A mixture between purple and blue. This color is also one of the main colors in my room. I just love it. It looks creative, calm, natural ant I think that it has a lot of caracter. 

If I'd be an emotion, I'd be curious. 
To be very honest, I'm pretty much all the time confused. I'm a thinker and a dreamer and I'm always curious about everything. Mainly things that intrest me of course and unfortunately school isn't always one of them. My curiousness can also be one of my weak points sometimes, because when somebody's explaining something I always got a thousand questions, but I never get a real answer, I always get: you really need to stop thinking to much. Maybe that's true, but it's just who I am and it's can also be a lot of fun, because I know so many strange facts nobody would have ever come up with. :P 

If I'd be fruit, I'd be a strawberry
Tell me, what's more delicious than a strawberry? Right, nothing! I'm really addicted to strawberries. I love them more than all the candy in the world, can you imagine? I just think it's a shame that strawberries don't grow in the winter, haha. 

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If I was a sound, I'd be the sound of laughter. 
Everybody gets attracted by the sound of laughter. Why? Because it sounds good, it sounds happy. That's why I think it's the best sound in the world. Don't you agree with me on that? ;)

If I'd be an element, I'd be water. 
Definitely water, I've thought about it so much when I was younger. Certainly with 'avatar' and stuff like that. I'd just constantly think about which element I'd be and I never knew if I'd be water or air. Let's say I still don't know it, but if you'd ask me right now, I'd say water. Just because I love swimming, I love feeling the waves underneath me, I love the relaxing sound of the water.

If I'd be food, I'd be chocolate. 
Chocolate! MY ADDICTION! Really, if it ever gets illegal to eat chocolate, I might die. It's really that bad. I can't live a week without at least one bar of chocolate, I love it so much. I just can't find the right words. ;)

If I'd be a car, I'd be a mini cooper. 
I love the vintage, cute look of it. Even though I know nothing about cars at all, I know that I love the looks of this one.

Source: http://www.seriouswheels.com/
If I'd be a place, I'd be the beach.
The beach is just such a relaxing place, that's why I always need a beach when I'm going on vacation. I love the fact that all the elements seem to come together at the beach, the water, the earth and the air. (and the fire in the campfires of course)

If I'd be a fabric, I'd be silk. 
Silk is a very soft fabric and it looks very feminine.

If I'd be a flavor, I'd be sweet. 
Sweet is the best flavor in the world, that's because it's the biggest part of the tong. But next to the biological facts, sweat is the flavor of almost all the food I love.

If I'd be a tool, I'd be a camera. 
Since one of my biggest passions is photographing, I'd love to be a camera. I love that you can just capture a moment, a feeling or a thought in a picture. It's a way of expression. And I want to learn everything about it, to become a better photographer.

If I'd be a part of the human body, I'd be an eye.
As I mentioned before, I'm very curious. I want to know and see everything. That's why I'd love to be an  eye.

If I'd be a song, I'd be brakeaway by Kelly Clarckson.
This song just describes me. It's really a page out of my diary made into a song. I'm a very big fan of Kelly Clarckson and even though I live her pop rock songs a bit more, I also think that this quiet song is a really good one.

If I'd be a pair of shoes, I'd be my black wedges. 
I love, love, love my black wedges. Maybe you've already red about it, but I used to think that black didn't looked good at me. So I didn't wanted to buy any black clothes, not even the shoes. Since a year ago, I'm trying black again and I love it.

I hope you liked reading my answers. I'll just give this tag to everybody who wants it because I really like this one! :) If you've done this tag, let me know! Because I'd love to read your answers!

Much love!

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