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You might have seen this tag at many (dutch) blogs already, but today it's my turn. I'm tagd by est-fantastique.blogspot.com, so first of all, I want to thank her for tagging me! :) I'll just quickly explain the '*11 tag.' My job is to tell you guys 11 things about myself and to answer the 11 questions which est-fantastique.blogspot.com has made for me. Than I need to tag 11 other bloggers and let them know they've been tagd. I'm very exited, so let's begin!

1. I believe in true love. Maybe I'm just being naive saying that, but I really do believe in true love. I don't know I'm just a bit old fashioned in love; I'm pretty romantic and a boy just needs to work a little to get me. I don't want my heart to be broken so I'd rather wait for a diamant than waist my time collecting stones.

2. I'm a dreamer. I'm an enormous dreamer and thinker, but I'm not really a doer. My dreams and thoughts are always pretty creative, which might scare me to actually execute them.

Want to get to know me a little bit better? Click read more! :) 

3. I really want to find a job. In March I'm going to London for a week (with school) and I'm so looking forward to it. I want to go to Oxford Street, to shop at the big Primark and Topshop so I can use some money. But next to that, I also want to get some 'work experience.' 

Source: wereldnieuws.blog.nl
4. I suck at sports. Not exaggerated, I just don't have that hand-eye coordination, or any other kind of coordination. It's even that worse, that when I tried to play tennis, something more a year ago, my teacher said that I could better quit because I would never be able to learn it.

5. My name, Sanne is actually not the first name my parents wanted to give me. My parents wanted to call me Anne, but there was already a famous Anne with my last name, so my parents decided to make it a bit different. Even though they tried to give me a more special name, my name was the most popular girls name in 1996. (when I was born) So it wasn't that unique after all. :p

6. I have a pretty big nail polish collection. I just counted them, I have 76 nail polishes at the moment. Maybe it's time for a nail polish haul. :)

7. I'm a ovo-lacto vegetarian, which means that I don't eat any meat or fish, but that I do consume eggs and milk products. When I tell tell people I'm a vegetarian they usually ask me if I'd like some fish to replace the meat so I thought let's make it clear for you this time. I'm a vegetarian since the age of seven, but only since last year I started not to eat curd and gelatine too. I was so naive to think that those products weren't put in much food, unfortunately they are!

8. I'm a lazy perfectionist. Doesn't that sounds like I'm speaking against myself? Yes, you might be right about that. I really want things to be perfectly done, I make big ideas in my head, think about every little detail and than when I really need to do it: BAM! I'm just to lazy to do anything and I just rush it.

9. I love to get an old fashioned written letter. I know emailing, texting and even calling goes so much faster and easier and I'm very happy that those ways of keeping in touch exist, but I still love the old fashioned way. It's just the fact that when you get a letter or a card there is somebody who thought about you. Who took his time to search for a card for you, to write it, to put it in an envelope and who went outside to post it for you. It's much more like a little present to get.

10. My worst subject is Dutch. I hate the Dutch language, I don't think I'm ever going to learn it. I'm constantly making grammar and spelling mistakes, with the 't' and the 'd.' I'm so happy that the English language doesn't has those stupid 't' and 'd.' :)

11. I actually want this last one to be very special, but I can't think of anything good enough right now. :P

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So than I'll just start with the questions fantastique.blogspot.com made for me. She asked them in dutch, but I've put the English translation with them as well:

1. What's your best memory from the past? Wat is je leukste herinnering aan vroeger?
My favorite memory, well actually there is nothing really that pops into my mind as my favorite memory. But I'm just going to describe a period I know I was very happy and thought that I knew what I wanted from life. My favorite year of high school: the second grate. Everything was just going so well. I had two best friends at the moment and I could get along with most my classmates really well. My marks were just fine and so was my family. I don't know, I just felt so happy. It was also the year that I really started blogging. (which is something to be exited about at itself of course.) :)

Source: rollingstone.com 
2. If you could bring a celebrity to the Netherlands right now, who would it be and why? Als je nu een celebrity naar Nederland zou kunnen halen, wie is dat, en waarom?
Aghr, this is a tricky one. I have so many people I'd like to meet, just to tell them they inspired me. I never, ever, ever had any celebrity crush. (Even though one of my best friends has had them all. :P) I'd bring someone who inspired me I guess, maybe that'd be Kelly Clarckson because I love her music and the way all her songs seem to be totally true. It's like she has stolen my diary and put it in to her songs. There's just no better way to describe it. But I'm also a big fan of Beyonce, because she always fought for what she wanted and even though life has his ups and downs, she hasn't let her head hang down for a second. And look at where she is right now: great carrier, great husband and a cute little baby. Isn't that what we all want when we grow up? :) 

3. What's your dream job and why? Wat is jouw droombaan? En waarom?
My dream job? That would be writing for a magazine or maybe even have my own magazine, just doing something creative. Visiting the big fashion shows, traveling around the world, meeting new people. A girls dream huh? I still hope that I'll be able to make this dream happen.  

4. With wich celeb would you like to change clothing closets with? Met welke celeb zou je van kledingkast willen ruilen?
Oeh... :) I'd definitely love to exchange my closet with certain celebs. But if I had to choose one, who would I chose? I actually don't know. I love the style of the Olsen twins, their style is very classy but still very fashionable. But I also love the styles of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.  

5. What's your ideal love? Wat is jouw ideale liefde?
For me a guy doesn't needs to be perfect, I don't need a tanned guy with a sixpack, brown half long hair and deep blue eyes. I don't need a guy who loves reading, can lift 200 pounds with one hand, who loves shopping and who would give me chocolate and roses every day. It would be a nice extra of course, but I don't nééd it. Anyway my perfect guy would be a guy who'd listen to me when I'm upset, who'd come to me if I had a problem, who'd tell me that he loves me, who'd be proud to introduce me to his parents or friends, just a sweet, romantic, spontaneous guy. :) 

Source: tumblr
6. How should a guy ask you out on a date? Hoe zou je een jongen mee uit vragen?
As I mentioned before, I'd love a written love letter, but I also like to be surprised. I love to be asked on a creative not trite way. I don't know, I think it depends on the moment, because if a cute guy comes to me with with those trite red roses and would ask me, I'd still say yes. :) 

7. Is there something that we could recognize you from directly? Is er iets waaraan we jou meteen kunnen herkennen?
Something you could directly recognize me from, a difficult one. I'm actually pretty quiet and I don't feel like I have a very attention asking personality. But I think I stand out in my way of clothing, my love for accessoires and I'm always wearing heels. :) And when I'd go to a party I'd be the one who's fashionably late. (love that excuse :P)

8. Which song could go about yourself? Welk liedje zou over jou zelf kunnen gaan?
Definitely Breakaway of Kelly Clarckson, as I mentioned before, she has definitely stolen my diary. :)

9. What would you do if you won 1 million? Wat zou je doen als je 1 miljoen zou winnen?
I'd jump, shout and hug with everybody near me. Than I realized I could buy everything I always wanted, but that I'd have to spend the money carefully. I think I'd put it on my savings account and leave it there like a month before I'd do anything. Than after a month I'd be like, oke, I want a new phone, computer, car, etc. Just so I won't buy to many impulse things. I'd also take a year of and do volunteers work. I've always wanted to do that, so if I finally won one million that would be the perfect excuse to quit my job for a while and do something for other people.

10. Who inspires you? Wie inspireert je?
Who inspires me? There are so many people who inspire me, in the blogging world I'd say 

Teske (Teskuh.nl), Sanne (http://wearefashion.nl/), Serena (Beautylab.nl), Maegan (lovemaegan.com)

and so many more! 

11. Is there something you really want to accomplish? Is er iets was je echt wilt bereiken?
I want to be able to say that I chased my dream and that I got my dream job, my dream man and my dream family. That's what I want to accomplish. 

Then the questions I made for you! 
1. Have you ever done something that wasn't you or something you're ashamed of?
2. What is your biggest fear?
3. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?
4. What is your addiction?
5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
6. Why and when did you start blogging?
7. What is your worst habit?
8. If you had one year left to live, what would you do?
9. What is your biggest wish?
10. How do you find your inspiration?
11. Describe yourself in one sentence.

The bloggers I tag are:
1 http://itslaluzz.blogspot.com/
2 http://just-mylove.blogspot.com/
3 http://rayoffashion.blogspot.com/
4 http://hersojourn.blogspot.com/
5 http://www.imwearingjeans.blogspot.com/
6 http://anouschattack.blogspot.com/
7 http://www.dallasdivadiaries.com/
8 http://junebiswas.blogspot.in/
9 http://www.honeynsilk.com/
10 http://beautimarkbella.blogspot.com/
11 you! (since so many people have already had this tag you can just take it if you want!) 

Much love!

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