Review: Hair Repair anti frizz spay of Kruidvat

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Have you ever had a product which you totally loved? I'm sure we all have our own favorite products and today I'll show you one of my favorite hair products. It works, it smells good, it looks good... It's the hair repair anti frizz spray of Kruidvat. I used to love the Gliss kur anti-klit spray, but since I've found this one of Kruidvat I'm sold. For only 3 euro, mostly even 1,50 since it's kruidvat always has those nice reductions, you can buy this great product which makes your hair manageable.

Package and price

As I said before, I think the package looks quit cute. It doesn't looks expensive or chic, but it does look colorful and girly. Certainly for this price, it's a great package.


I like the smell, it's very sweet but maybe a bit overwhelming if you're also wearing parfume and deo. For me, somebody who has only five minutes to do her hair and make-up, it's great that this product leaves it's smell, because my hair smells great for the rest of the day and it saves me time. (I won't have to put on my parfume as well) But if you hate the smell of it, this might not be the perfect hairspray for you.

Does it work?

Well for me it works. I don't know if it really repairs my hair, but it definitely makes my hair a lot more manageable.

I have pretty dry and frizzy hair without any shine. (until it's greasy, but that's not the shine I'm looking for ;p) So I'm using everything which could help my hair getting a bit more shiny and less frizzy. My hair is also really unmanageable when I've washed it, so I'm only washing it like 3/4 times a week and when I wash it, I always try to let it dry first before combing it. And after washing I always use some conditioner and some anti frizz spray. When I wouldn't do this, mt hair would be unable to comb and really, really dry.

What I've noticed with other products, is that my hear looks a bit greasy after using them, even though it still doesn't feels like it has been taken care of. That's another thing I really like about this product, it doesn't make my hair look greasy.


At the last picture you can see my hair after using it. You can still see that I've a few waves in my hair, which is great because that means that this product doesn't make my hair heavier. I think after using it, my hair looks at it's best.

+ I like the smell
+ It makes my hair manageable.
+ It doesn't makes my hair look greasy.
+ It doesn't makes my hair more heavy.

- The smell is very sweet, if you don't like this it might be a negative side from the product.
- The package doesn't looks very chic or expansive.

Now tell me, what's your favorite hair product? I hope you enjoyed reading! 

Much love!
xxx Sanne

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