Prada summer collection 2012

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Even though it feels like the winter has just began, you can already see the new fashion trends for the spring and summer of 2012 all around you. And I love it. I'm one of those people who's actually exited when the flyer's arrive. Maybe that's because I always want to be up to date with my favorite (affordable) brands like H&M, Monki, Vero Moda, Only, etc.

I want to do a little research before I'm going shopping, but I don't only look at their advertisement. I also love to see the big brands, to get inspired for summer and to see what the trends are. That's a big part of my preperation for my shopping trips. When I see an expensive item I totally felt in love with, I'm going to search for an affordable lookalike. So today I'll be showing you the summer collection of Prada. I think they've done really well. Want to see their collection? Click read more!

As you can see the shapes of the heels are a bit different than the usual shape of a heel, but I do really love them. It´s not something I´d quickly wear to school or work, also because they don´t look very easy to walk on, but I'd like to see someone walking on them! I think these heels would be very cool party heels, but even when you wouldn't wear them, they would still be a wonderfull piece of art.
You can combine many prints this summer. Prints have been hot and have been not, but everytime, just like most fashion trends, they come back.

For this summer you can expect many pastel colors, but combined with bright pops of color. The color blocking trend is still staying with us!

Over all this collection is very feminine.  

But also a bit sturdy with the flames at the clutches.
Big jewellery can definitely be worn this season!

Ahh, I love these light blue heels! Those would be so cute under a summer dress! :)

For those who don't want to walk on heels, but still want to be fashionble: don't worry! They've also designed flipflop art works. ;)

The 'RayBan lookalike sunglasses are going to stay with us for a while I believe.'

Love the peachy colored skirt. Very feminal.

Leather is still totally hot this summer. It's just your taste if you like it or not, but I think it's very sturdy and cool.

Much love!

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