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Hi lovely readers, 

As promised, I've changed my layout yesterday. I just needed something new, something fresh and since the valentine theme was meant to be my layout until valentine, I had to create a new one. I wanted to have some new possibilities, I wanted my blog to be more clear, I wanted my blog to be more colorful and I wanted more. So I started, with no idea of how it was going to end.

 Since I'm really a noob in HTML and CSS I was actually looking for an layout which was already totally done. Unfortunately, I found nothing that I totally liked. So I the last few days I had to learn a lot about HTML (CSS is still a mystery for me) and I can tell you, that's quite difficult. So I just took a finished layout and changed it until I loved it.

First of all, the background. It looks like a wallpaper doesn't it? Well I hope it does, because most themes look pretty chilly. I wanted to give my blog a homy feeling. I want you to feel welcome at my blog! :) But this wasn't the first background I've tried. I've tried many, many other backgrounds. I've played with colors and structures, but I guess this was the one which I liked the most.

I'll just quickly show you what changes dutchbeauty had to go trough since yesterday. I'd love to know if you think it's an improvement or not!

So, this was my valentine theme. You can see that the main colors are red, pink and green and I think that this layout is pretty romantic. Don't you think? It's made in a standard layout of blogger, so I only had to add some widgets, a header and a background. This layout was pretty easy to create, the hardest part was finding a cute background which would be perfect for valentine.

Than all the roses were deleted. I went for straight lines, no coziness allowed. I don't hate this design, but I just think it's a little bit to boring. This was the layout I downloaded and than I changed certain things. Most things went right. (like there were all kind of strange links in the right side bar, but I found them and I was able to delete them) But you can see that the slideshow (all the text and the green picture above the first post) was definitely not working. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've watched the videos at youtube, I've searched at google for the right HTML code, I've added my pictures, but it just doesn't works. Since this layout was definitely not something for me, I had to change it and the best way to do that is to change your background, so I did.

Well, I guess you can see that I definitely changed my background. It's a lot more cute right now and I think that my visiters will also feel a lot more welcome. But I actually wanted to keep the big gray beam which was behind my header in the layout above. I think that combination would be the perfect combination of tight and cozy, but I wasn't able to get it back... 

Thank you can see that I've deleted my slideshow, I just got enough of it. It didn't work and I don't want my not working slideshow to irritate my lovely readers. So I just deleted it. I still saved the (added) HTML code in case that there will be anybody who knows how to solve this problem and would want to help me. (so if you could be the one who wants to help me, pleas leave a commend below!) 

So this is the end result till know, I just got to learn a bit more about HTML and all that stuff. I just need to find, or make, some time. But when I'll find out, I'll share it with you. Maybe I can even do layout design tutorials when I'm good enough. ;) But I'll first have to teach it myself, before I can help you guys out.

I'd love to know what you think of my new design and if you could answer any of my questions or just help me a little bit, I'd really appreciate it! You'd really make me happy, but of course, any commend will make me happy, so don't be afraid to leave one! :) 

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