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Our nails, they're usually covered with a layer of nail polish; a clear coat, a bright coat, a nude coat or  maybe even a whole nail-art creation. Nothing seems weird anymore these days. But do we remember what's underneath those coats of nail polish? Our beautiful natural nails? It sometimes seems like we have forgotten about them. When our natural nails look awful we just hide them underneath many coats of nail polish instead of taking care of them. This got to change!

You might already know this but your nails are made out of the same protein (keratin) as your hair. So you can also treat them the same way. Take me for example, my hear is usually very dry and can sometimes use a little extra care. So for my hair I have so many different products I use like shampoo, conditioner, serum, anti fizz spray, hair masks, etc. But for my nails, I had about nothing, at least I didn't had many nail care products. So I started to pay attention to different nail care products and well, they really do exist. Actually you can find them very, very easily and they're usually not even that expensive! 

So what kind of nail care products do you have? Well lets start by using an hand and cuticles cream daily. Most skincare brands also have a collection for your hands so you just got to find an hand cream for your skin type which also treats the cuticles. Currently I'm using one of Etos, which works just fine for me. Than you can also use cuticle oil, this makes your cuticles a bit softer so you can easily put them back with a cuticle pusher. It's very important to take a good care of your cuticles, here you can see a nice short video about how to take care of them. 

What I'd also recommend is to file your nails regularly. Filing your nails is usually better than cutting them. When you're filing your nails it keeps them at one length and helps the nails to stay in the same shape. While when you'd cut your nails, they get easily damaged. You just can't have those beautiful, perfect nails without filing them regularly. When you're filing your nails, your practically 'closing' them. Your closing them for any dirt which might could have come in when you'd have cut them. 

You have too kinds of nail files: the normal file and the glass/cristal file. The glass/cristal file is the file which is the best for your nails. Why? Well because the structure of a glass/cristal file is much better for your nails. They really close the nail, which the regular throw away files not always do. Glas/cristal files are also more expensive than the regular throw away files, but one glas or cristal file goes with you for a life time. 

The regular throw away files are also a bit bad for your nails... You know those white spots on your nails? I'm sure that pretty much everybody has them once. Well even though many people believed that they were caused by a lack of lime, they're caused by pressure. And since you need to put more pressure with a regular throw away file your nail will get those white spots much more quickly.

The structure of the nail, source:
I also know many people who have many ridges at their nails, I'm one of them and I know how much you can hate them because it just looks ugly when your ridges come true your nail polish color. (which I've had like so many times!) Then I found out about the buffer file. A buffer file is THE way to get rid of those stupid ridges! With a buffer you can take the upper layer of your nails off and give your nails a smooth surface. The one thing you got to remember when you're using a buffer is that you really shouldn't use a buffer to much. Remember that you buffer the upper layer of your nails away, so if you just keep going on with it, your nail will be very thin at the end and will be much more able to break. 

So I'm pretty curious, did you know all those little things about your nails? And how do you usually take care of your nails? Let me know!

Much love!

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