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Wishes, wishes, wishes. Don't we all have a few wishes? Of course we usually have immaterial wishes, like healthiness, happiness or love. But we, rich and spoiled people, might also have some material wishes. Wishes for things you can actually buy! Well so do I. Today I want to share some of my material wishes with you. Would you like to see what my material wishes are? Then just click read more! 

First of all I want a hermes bag, just look at them, how cute!? Unfortunately the price of these bags is around the $270,00, which is a bit above my budget. Also I wouldn't know which color I'd pick. I think the blue bag looks the cutest, but you can pair a brown pair much more easily. Which one would you pick? 

Then, my true fashion crush are these Jeffrey Campbell heels, they are so gorgeous. Even though I know I'd die on them, (look at their height!), I'd love to wear them. They look very cool and have a bit of a rock caracter, but I still think they look very feminine in a certain kind of way. What do you think?

The only budget item at my wishlist of the moment is the H&M fake leather biker look jacket. You might already know that I love using (fake) leather in my outfits, so this won't be a big surprise, but I just love biker jackets a lot. They look very cool and also a bit rock chic. I really love the detailing at this H&M jacket and I think this jacket would be very easy to pair. :) 

Then a very well known beauty product, the naked palette! I love, love, love it! I've red so many positive reviews about it that I became very curious. So I was actually just about to buy the urban decay naked pallet, when the urban decay naked pallet 2 came out. Now I'm confused! I think I like the naked 2 pallet more, because it has more warm colors, but I still don't know yet. Which one would you chose? 

The YSL ring, isn't he gorgeous? Well I totally love this ring. It looks so very elegant, but it's also a big statement rig.

An asymmetric (Oasis stores) skirt, I totally love asymmetric skirts, maybe you'll remember that, about a year ago, I really didn't knew how to pair a skirt. I was actually afraid to even wear a simple skirt, just because I thought that it looked very stupid at me. Ofcourse now I know that a skirt can really be a woman's best friend and I feel very feminine while I'm wearing a skirt. Now I want to experiment with different skirts and the asymmetric skirt is at the top of my list! 

 Now I'm very curious, what's currently at your wishlist? Let me know! 

Much love!

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