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I totally love the new H&M collection for this spring. The bright colors, the short skirts, the shorts, the open shoes... Just a whole new season and even though the summer weather is still far away, (I heard that it's going to be -21 degrees to night!) I can't wait to go spring-shopping. Today I'll show you some items I'd love to buy. If you want to see which outfit's I put together, click read more! 

Shoes: 24,95 - Top 12,95 - Skirt 9,95 - Blazer 29,95: Total: 77,80

 Shoes 39,95 - Jeans 39,95 - Singlet: 7,95 - Jack 39,95: Total 127,80

Shoes 9,95 - Pants 19,95 - Blouse 14,95 - Blazer 29,95 - Bag 24,95: Total: 119,70

Shoes: 39,95 - Short 9,95 - Top 9,95 - Blazer 29,95: Total: 89,80    

What do you think of the new H&M collection? And would you like to wear any of these outfits? Let me know! 

Much love!

The collages are made with polyvore and the outfits are made with the H&m fitting room. 

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