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The denim skirt is coming back, at least that's what the fashion industry says. I personally believe that the denim skirt never really left, but that the group of people who wore it changed. First it were all the young people who wore the denim skirt, then the adults started to like the skirt as well. Maybe you still have one in your closet, because I'm sure we have all had one in the past. 

But even if you still have one, would you like to wear it again? Is the denim skirt a trend you love, or is it a trend you hate? I think that a denim skirt can look very cute, but it has it's own way of styling. Just like every other fashion item. If you want some inspiration about styling your denim skirt, just keep on reading. 

Source Tricia G.
Tricia G made this very, very cute combination. I love how she paired a striped shirt with the denim skirt. This is a perfect example of a good combined cute denim skirt, if you're asking me. :)

Source: Annika M.  
Can you wear a denim skirt in the snow? Yes you can! Let Annika M show you how. I love the combination of the big printed swearer with the white denim skirt. Great pairing!
Source: Cindy A.  
Cindy A is showing how to create a very simple outfit with a denim skirt. Just pair it with a white tanktop, black tights and some cute jewelry. I love the necklace! 

Source: Rachael S.
One of my favorite pairings is made by Rachael S. She combined denim with lace and please tell me, is there a better combination? Alright, I'm sure there is, but I really love this outfit. Very simple, but very elegant.
Source: Mayo W.  
This might be the cutest pairing with a denim skirt I've seen so far. It's not really my style, but I do think it's lovely. And look at the bag! Isn't that the cutest elephant bag you've ever seen? ;)

Source: Ricarda S. 
The last, but definitely not the last outfit would be one of Ricarda S. She paired her denim skirt with a white romantic blouse and to make it even more girly she's wearing flowers in her hair. This reminds me of how much I miss the summer! :p

So what do you think? Is the denim skirt something you'd wear? Let me know!
Much love!

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