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I know, I know, I told myself that this was going to be the year that I was going to make money instead of buying stuff with it. This was going to be the year that I became rich. (or at least just not broke ;p) But then, I opened my mailbox and saw that H&M has just brought me some good news. Or bad news for my purse, it just depends on the way you look at it. But I'm losing my subject, because what I actually want to tell you is that H&M has a crazy reduction of 50% at selected items. I couldn't help myself, so I ordered some great items. 

For the prices and more, click read more! :)

First of all, not all the items who are in the collage above are selected for 50%, but since the total price I paid for those 10 items was 53,28, you can be sure that they wouldn't have cost me a lot. (just to make it clear) So than I'll just go trough the items I ordered. I'd like to invite you to watch with me! :)

I want to show you my newest proud, these beautiful black summer wedges. I just love the way they look, they just scream, buy me! I just hope they'll fit me properly so I won't have to return them. But for 12,45 I just needed to order them. 

Then, this purple dress I bought for only 1,95. I know it looks like the most shapeless dress in the whole world at this picture, but believe me when I say, it's actually a pretty beautiful dress. And I can know that since I have worn the exact same dress, in gold, with christmas. The back is very gorgeous, so I wore the dress backwards with a big black belt, pair it with a black blazer and you're done. 

This two items might be the most boring items I have at this shoppinglist, but I think that they're actually going to be lovely. They will be very easy to combinate with my black leather jacket for a simple day. But this outfit is also one of those outfits where you can wear big statement jewelry on and still keeping that less is more effect. I love the simplicity. 
The top is 4,95 and the scarf is 2,95

Then I'll move on to an other outfit I totally love, this one would actually be perfect for valentines day. It's a light pink skirt with ribbon combined with a black and white striped top. I love the little details at the top like the buttons at the shoulders.

Before blaming me, look at these honeys, aren't they pretty? Yes, I bought nail polish, again, but if you just look at the nail polishes, I think you can totally understand me. The first one directly reminded me of the glitter polish of OPI, so if he'll be just as good, I'll be very happy that I could buy this nail polish set for only 3,95! 

My last outfit would be this beautiful knotted lace top paired with straight dark blue pants. I kinda love it,  I'm absolutely starting to fall in love with lace. It's just so beautiful, pretty and feminine. I love it. I also think that the light peachy color of the top will look gorgeous at the blue jeans, to give it a little pop of color.
My latest purchase will be these earings, I wanted to buy them for such a long time already. I love the cute little letters, the doves, the rabbits, the bows, the foxes (are they foxes? :p) and the clocks of course. They remind me of alice in wonderland, I actually always thought that was a pretty weird story, but I do love the features in it.  

Well this is what I ordered, I hope that I'll get it quickly (or at least before I go to Londen) so I can show it to you guys! I'll keep you noted. Have you ordered anything from H&M lately? Let me know.
Much love!

Ps. If your going to order at the online H&M store, I have even more good news for you, I found two reduction codes, both also work on the selected items for 50%.
- 1304, this is a code which has never let me down, it has always worked for me. So even if you won't order today, you might want to write this cote down somewhere where you won't forget it because you'll get a reduction of 5 euro, which is even more than the shipping costs. So actually, shipping is totally free at the online store of H&M
- 9690, this code won't work for ever so you have to be quick, but it gives you a reduction of 25% on your most expansive item. (even when it's in sale) 

I don't know if these codes also work outside the Netherlands, so if you do know, please let me and the other readers know in a commend. I'd really appreciate it. :) 

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