Essence extremes LE march 2012

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Go for safe? No, let's go extreme this summer! That's what essence must have thought while they were creating this new limited edition for March 2012. Special about this new collection is that it's nail polish, nail polish and more nail polish! The collection bring 20 new nail polishes on the essence market. I think we all want to know if we need to run to the drugstores in March to buy them or that we could just sit back and let this LE pass. So I searched and found the new colors for this march, would you like to watch with me? :)

Seasons of extremes has very bright colors, but also many nude, pastel tones. I think this collection has a color for everybody. Season of extreme nail polish EUR 1,79 in the colors: 01 Little miss bright, 02 on the bright side, 03 pimp my bright, 05 nude or what?, 07 nude rules! en 08 did someone say nude?

Numbers: 01 - 02 - 07 - 08

Season of extremes nail polish colour3 EUR 2,79 in de kleurencombinaties: 01 it's two bright, 02 brightsmade, 03 we are all bright, 04 just the nude of us, 05 team nude en 06 my best nude friends

04 - 05 - 06

01 - 02 - 03 

No I'm pretty curious: Do you like this limited edition? And are you going to buy any of these polishes? Let me know!
Much love!


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