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It's almost there, what we all have hoped for, what we all wanted, it's actually happening! We get a dutch VOGUE, yes, yes, old news. I know that most people will already know this, but I have some great news. Not only is the VOGUE  coming to the Netherlands, we can also subscribe to the dutch VOGUE already with a great deal. 

 You can get 12 editions for 53,55 euro, which would be 4,46 euro for each number. I think that's a great deal for a magazine which is normally very expensive. Ofcourse I haven't red the dutch VOGUE yet, so I don't know if the quality of the articles will be exactly the same. But I have trust in the dutch VOGUE, so I'm actually thinking about subscribing myself. The only thing is is that I've just subscribed to ELLE as well and I promised myself to save more money.  

When you subscribe to the dutch VOGUE now you'll receive the first collector's edition of the dutch VOGUE and you actually get three editions for free. Also, you get the magazine in your mailbox before it gets into the stores. If you want to subscribe you can subscribe at: www.vogue.nl. 

Britisch VOGUE
What do you think of this action? And if your dutch, are you going to subscribe to the dutch VOGUE? And if your from another country, what do you think of the VOGUE? Let me know! 

Much love!

- www.vogue.nl
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- http://www.magnation.com/

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