DIY and get creative! :)

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Be creative, make your room your own, that's what the main meaning behind this post would be. Lately I've been rediscovering the whole world of the creative crafting people, the 'DIYers.' They inspired me to go painting again and I'm even planning to make some fashion items out of the clothes I don't wear anymore. So today I want to share some of this inspiration with you. 

Have a good look at the picture at the beginning of this post, because these are a few of the ideas I want to try out myself. Even though they're not the most difficult projects, I'd be pretty proud if I'd done any of them. ;) I love how people can come up with such creative idea's! Don't have any photo frames, use crown caps. And don't they look cute?

Don't you have a place to organize your earrings, just use an old photo frame and some wire. And you've just created a beautiful eye catcher for your room. So easy, so stylish, just perfect. Need some more inspiration? Watch these video's and get inspired!

Are you a creative person? And what is the biggest project you've ever done? ;) Let me know! 

Much love! 
xxx Sanne

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