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Hey guys, today my testweek is finally over! (jeeej :D) So I thought let's just celebrate my spare time with a new layout. I wanted this layout to have a theme and since valentine is coming up I thought it would be cool to do a valentine theme.

So my background is like a cute fairytale forest with flowers and paper balls and of course the colors of my new background are: pink and red. Than I had to make a new banner to match with the layout. I tried many things (a black and white banner, a cute pink banner, etc) but I just didn't fall in love with any of them. Then I just went for some cute drawings with red as the main color, to stay in the valentine theme.

So this will be the new layout until 14 February and I'm very curious what you think of it. Also I'm already working on my next layout, for what I'd like to hear your opinion too. I have to find a way to match my love for vintage and cute with my love for minimalistic and chic. I know those are pretty much opposite styles, so that's where the challenge is for me.

Also I've asked already many bloggers if they could help me with my layout to get a widget (I assume it's a widget) underneath the banner which shows five (?) of your best read articles. Alright this is a pretty bad explanation so if you don´t understand it it´s probable my fault, but if you do understand it and want to help me, than I'd really appreciate that! :)

So I'll also show you a few other banners I made lately. They are in different styles so I'd like to know which one you like best and of course which style you like best.

My first banner: 
A black and white banner: 
 A pretty simple pink banner: 
The first step to a the banner of my valentine theme:

The eventual banner I'm using for my valentine theme: 

And I've some other great news: dutchbeauty has reached the 10000 views! So thank you all for reading, following and watching dutch beauty! I hope that you liked your visit and that I'll see you back in the futur! :) Let me know what you think of my valentine layout! Have you already made plans for valentine? :)

Much love!

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