Text bloopers

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We've all made one, got one or know someone who've made one: A text blooper. The bloopers that mostly happen happen with T9 (or autocorrect) and of course by sending someone a message which wasn't meant for them.

I once was talking to my best friend online and then a bunch of weird people from my school added me at their conversation. I didn't knew who they were, but my best friend knew some of them. So I told her: "Some crazy people of our school have added me to their conversation, but their just talking crap.'' At least it was meant for her, it was accidentally sent to those crazy people...

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At the moment a text blooper happens to you, you just want to be able to delete it. But for your friends and family it might be a funny story and after a while, I think you can laugh about it yourself. But since it's always more fun to laugh about other peoples bloopers, I searched and found some great text bloopers at tumblr. They don't need no explication.


Have you ever made/had a text blooper? Let me know!

Much love!

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