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Today I saw a very nice tag at thebeautyguide and I decided to fill him in. You get two extremes and you have to choose between those two and than explain your chose. The questions are divided into four categories: hair, brands, body and jewelery. So are you curious what I chose? Click read more! :)


Pink or green hair?
Well that would be pink, I think it's kind a cute but at the same time quite sturdy. I'd actually love to do a color dip in pink with my hair, but green is a little bit to heavy for me.

Source at: www.rocknrollbride.com

Gray long hair or your favorite hair color cropped
Euh.. That's a pretty difficult one. A friend of mine once had long gray hair and it looked stunning at her. I think it depends, if you can have it. Definitely go for it, but for me, I'd say my favorite hair color cropped.

Straight or curly hair?
I don't know, I like both of them a lot. Again it depends, but at me straight hair looks a lot better than curly hair. (even while I used to have curls when I was younger!) My hair now has waves instead of curls.

Source: moderncosmetics.com

MAC or Chanel?
Honestly, I haven't test either one of them, I'm only using perfume of Chanel, but for make-up, I think I prefer MAC.

Catrice or Essence?
Another difficult one. Well this one depends on the product. I love the concealer of catrice and the mascara of essence. But since I have more products of essence (most of them are nailpolishes) I'd choose for essence.

Maybelline or Max-factor.?
Well since both of them are still testing at animals I haven't tried one of them as well.

Source: xead.nl
2True or Miss Sporty?
Hmm, what I like about both brands is that they are really affordable, just like catrice and essence. The only difference is that 2True and Miss Sporty aren't that well known as catrice and essence and don't have limeted editions like catrice and essence. I think they both have nice products and their both animal testing free which is a big plus, but since I don't use these brands that often, it's a bit difficult. But I guess I like Miss Sporty more.


Always pale white or sunbed brown?
I'm pretty white and I sometimes really get fed up with my skin tone, because I don't get suntanned very quickly. I've tried self bronzing cream ones; big mistake! I looked orange! And the sunbed, certainly if you have blond hair, can look so wrong. I'm just not that into the 'fake tanning,' so I'd choose always pale white.

Piercings or tattoos?  
For me this one is quite easy, because I'd really want a tattoo. One of those little doves or maybe a nice quote.

Source: tumblr
A flat big nose or very thin lips?
I think I'd choose thin lips, because you can make them a little bit bigger by using lipstick and lip pencil.

Beautiful big bottom and flat boobs or beautiful big boobs and a flat bottom?
For me that would be the beautiful big bottom and flat boobs, because you can always buy a push-up bra! ;)

Source: tumblr

Bracelet or watch?
Bracelets definitely! I think bracelets are very feminine and they complete every look. 

Necklace or earrings?
This is a difficult one, I love both! But since I lately can't wear many earrings anymore I'd have to choose for the necklace.

A toe ring or an ankle chain?
An ankle chain! I love them so much, they're so cute. At summer I definitely have to buy a new one! :) 

Well I hope you liked reading and feel free to take this tag, you can fill it in in a commend or just post it at your blog. Anyway, I'm very curious so let me know if you did this one two! :) 

Much love!

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