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Today I'll review the H&M make-up palette, it's not available online anymore, but it's still available in the stores. And even though I might be late with reviewing it, I haven't red a review about this palette so that's why I thought it's worth to review it. I can tell you, this palette has colors that really surprised me positive and colors that I'm actually a bit disappointed in. So if you want to find out if this palette might be the one for you, click read more!

The appearance: 

The palette has a black bottom and a clear top, which makes it look very simple, but classy.

What I like about the appearance of this palette is that the colors are organized in a original way. It looks like they're forming a sun of a flower or something like that.

The sizes: This palette contains 24 colors and 24,7g. It's six inches/15 cm high and 5.7 inch/14.5 cm wide. 

The price: I actually bought it in sale online for five euro, but since the online shop and the store have different sales it's still in store for the full price of ten euro. For me ten euro is a pretty usual price for a palette.

The swatches: 

I actually liked those colors pretty much, especially the white and the blue. Those colors contain quite a lot pigment, the only thing you need to worry about is that the blue crumbles a lot so you have to watch out for fall out. 

The greens are also good enough, I already made an eyelook using the dark green. (the last color at the swatch picture) The dark green was very easy to blend and quite bright with my eyeshadow base underneath it. 

This are most of the colors, I'm really impressed by the orange, the bright blue (well actually I liked all the blue colors at this palette), the light purple, the browns, etc. But I'm a bit disappointed in the pink. I thought it would be a very bright color, but actually it doesn't contains that much pigment. I first thought it was a blush, but I checked at the back and it's not. Even though it's not a blush I'd still use it that way. 

Here you can see some colors I'm a bit disappointed in, Iike both blacks and the grey, but the other colors have a very low pigment. They could be used for a natural look, but unfortunately not as a pop of color. 

Even with some low pigmented colors in this palette, I'm glad I bought it. I already tried to make some nice looks with it (which I'll post online soon) and I like to play with this palette to discover new colors and new combinations. 

It's a quite variated palette, you can easily make a smokey eye look, go for a natural look or create a colorful party look. There are also two applicators added, but I prefer to work with  brushes. With all this told, would you buy this palette? And do you like to colors in it? Let me know! 

Much love! 

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4 interesting thoughts

  1. Leuk al die kleurtjes! Heb je een brede keus!

  2. The Pink is actually a blusher, not an eye shadow, so that's why it's much less pigmented. The bigger size should ring some bells, why would it be the only eye shadow that's so big? Well because it's not an eye shadow, it's blusher. And works very nicely as a blusher.

  3. @ Reetu Yes, I also thought that! Nice to hear that you use it the same way as I do :) xx