Psychological word search #2

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Do you remember the last psychological word search at dutchbeauty? Probably not, because it's a long time ago that I posted it. Today I found another one and since I love puzzles about yourself I decided to give this one I try.

How does it work? Well you just search for words in the word search, but different than the usual word search, the words aren't given. You're going to search for words and the first three you see describe you. There is no scientific prove that it really describes you, but I think it's just fun to do. And why judge it if you haven't tried it? So give it a try and let me know what your three words were! :)

Want to know which three words I had? Click read more to find out!

Alright if you were curious which words I had, I had crush, fool and leave. Well to be honest, they do describe me a bit. I guess I'm a fool sometimes. I just like to see the good things in people instead of the bad, which makes me a fool sometimes. I also have a bit of separation anxiety, so that might be the explanation of 'leave.' And crush, well, I think everybody has, or has had a secret crush. Or am I wrong? :)

So what are the words you found? And do you believe that these three words describe you? Let me know! 

Much love!

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