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Sometimes a black and white effect can make a picture more spectacular, but sometimes it just removes the whole effect. Black and white photography brings you back to the essence of form and light without interrupting colors. That's why many people say that black and white photography is more beautiful, or less difficult than colorful photography: You don't have those interrupting colors.


Other people say black and white photography is actually more difficult than colorful photography. Because when you take black and white pictures you have one less thing to play with. Plus that most people think that it's more difficult to change those pictures at programs like photoshop.

Want to know my opinion about black and white photography, click read more! :)

What I think? I don't think there is an easy way of photography, I believe that if you practice, you'll be able to learn both ways. Everybody has a preference and you just have to find out what's yours. I actually like both ways of photography, but I do have to say that black and white photography just gives me a more arty feeling. It's very modern and unnoticeable noticeable. :) A nice Black and white picture depends on the use of shadow details, contrast differences and light. I think that's what makes black and white photography so special.

But again, as I said before, sometimes can black and white photography make a picture more special and sometimes it ruins the picture. So what do you think of my picture for this picture perfect Sunday? What way do you prefer to see it, in black and white or with colors?

Much love! 

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