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First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

I hope that 2011 ended great and fabulous for you all and that 2012 is even going to be better! This is a pretty special moment for me, because I'm currently writing my first post of 2012. :)

Want to see what I wore and what make-up I uses? Click read more! 

Well lets just start with the outfit I wore yesterday. It's a golden dress from H&M. Combined with a black blazer, a black belt, black tights and my lovely black wedges.

I actually have to tell you a little secret: I wore this dress conversely, but not without a reason. The back was much more beautiful than the front! The back has a very nice draping, while this dress is pretty lame at the front.

Then my hair, I usually have angled bangs, but this time combed it into straight bangs. To make my hair look just a little bit different than normal.

I actually wanted to curl my hair, but since I had to wash it this morning it was way to dry. If I would have curled it yesterday, my hair would be dead right now.

So to make my hair more glamorous without using any heat I just created more volume in my hair. I did that by bending over and while I was shaking with my head I sprayed hairspray in my hair.

With my make-up I wanted the focus at my eyes so I kept the rest of the make-up pretty basic. Less is more! :)

For my face I used concealer (the well known CATRICE allround) for under my eyes, I used powder (HEMA compact powder) for over my whole face to prevent a greasy face and berry colored blush (HEMA number 34) for a healthy look.

Then for my lips I just wanted a natural color. Unfortunately my lips were very dry at the moment so I just used vaseline to give my lips a nice glow and to treat them at the same time.

 Then at the end I did my eyes. I wanted them to match with my dress so I used loads of gold. I also used a dark green eyeshadow, a black and a lighter yellow gold as highlighter.

I just got my new H&M make-up palette and I wanted to test him (I'll review it soon) so all the eyeshadow colors I used are from that palette.

I first used the dark green in my crease and a little above my crease. I also used it under my eye as a little eyeliner.

Then I used the gold at my moving eyelid and blended it with the green. I wanted a little more dept in my crease so I made the color a bit stronger by using a (glittery) black and I blended it again.

After that I used my yellow gold highlighter from my crease till my eyebrow. To give this eye look some more glamour I used a liquid eyeliner and created a cateye. At last I put on some of my favorite mascara.

Well this was my first post already, lets make this year great!

Much love!

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3 interesting thoughts

  1. Wat een leuke post! Je lijkt mij een heel vrolijk meisje.


  2. Ik wens je een gelukkig nieuw jaar!
    x Leila in Wonderland

  3. Leuke outfit&gelukkig nieuwjaar!