New comments system

by - 9:03 PM

I've a little announcement to do: I've just installed a new comment system. The one I was currently using was blogspot's own comment box, but I've noticed that some people couldn't leave reactions any more or had just trouble with leaving reactions.

Also many wordpress user had complained about the google comment system, because the system sometimes didn't allowed any other users than googles own. It's possible that you haven't noticed it yet, but I just didn't want any of those problems any more in 2012. So finally, today I installed intensedebate.

My old google comment system:

For now the two comment systems will be used together, because I couldn't remove all my old commends. But the new posts will get the new intense debate comment system.

I already saw this way of commenting at loads of other blogs, but I just couldn't find out how it was called and how to install it. But now I do and I really want your opinion, which comment system do you prefer: googles own or  intensedebate? Or do you use a whole different system? Let me know!

Much love!

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