Marni for H&M

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The collection for Vercace for H&M is still in the stores, but H&M has already decided who's going to make the new ''for H&M collection.'' It's going to be the Italian fashion brand Marni! Marni has already designed a new collection for the H&M collection of spring 2011.

Marni is well known for it's use of notable designs and color. Consuelo Castiglioni, the founder of Marni and the designer of the collection for H&M, wants a sportive look and to create that she uses dessigns and colors next to each other, like a tribal print with a Bauhaus print.

This spring we can expect a line for woman and for man with fitting jewelery, shoes, bags and scarfs.The female collection has bright colors and distinct designs. They're inspired by the African block colors. Marni uses pleated skirts, dresses and 7/8 pants. The collection will be soled at approximately 260 stores worldwide and online.

If you want a preview of how this collection is going to be you can visit Marni's online store. I don't like everything they sell and it isn't my favorite brand, but I do love some items with I hope will be in the Marni for H&M collection this spring.

Did you know the brand Marni? And do you like it? 

Much love!

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