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I'm almost sure that you'll know this magazine, maybe you've been reading it for years, maybe you've never read it, but you must have heard of it at least once. I'm talking about Elle. Elle is a well known magazine worldwide. It's full of fashion, beauty and lifestyle and always has those beautiful, inspiring pictures. I really love Elle and I wanted a subscription for a long time, today I've finally done it. I've subscribed for Elle for six months.

Why today? Well because today I noticed that (when you subscribe to (the Dutch) Elle magazine you get two beautiful OPI polishes as a gift! I was already planning to buy an OPI nailpolish, because I wanted to see why everybody loves them so much. Unfortunately, they're a bit expansive so I wanted to wait until my birthday. But with this Elle deal you just get a complete set with the Start to Finish base coat, the DripDry, the Edge 240 grit file, the Expert Touch nailpolish remover 30ml, the Rainbow Connection and the Pepe’s Purple Passion. Normally I don't do this kind of advertisment, but I just love this deal so much that I had to share it with you guys.

Have you ever red the Elle and do you like it? Let me know! :) 

Much love!

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