Winter has began!

by - 11:55 PM

Am I the only one who's very surprised by the weather? Today, while I was at school, it actually started snowing. We have had a very warm winter until January and to be very honest, I didn't care, I actually loved it. No snow and ice means: not having to wear up to 10 sweaters a day. (which I used to wear last year) But today the winter has finally began!

Of course I'm not the only person in this world and even though I hate the cold weather, other people might love it. Finally being able to skate on the ice again, to throw snow balls... Yes I can understand why the snow and the ice are loved. I also love to see it, to take pictures in it and to drink hot chocolate (inside my warm, cozy house) and just look outside the window. But the problem is: I have to go to school these days. Snow or no snow.

Snow, I think you just have to love it. And even though I hate bicycling trough the snow, I think it has something special, almost magical. So to solve my coldness problem I'm just going to wear many layers, many big sweaters and just wait for what this winter will bring us. One thing is sure: I'm ready for the coldest winter ever! :)

Do you like the snow? And how has this winter been for you so far? Let me know!

Much love!

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