Let it snow!

by - 9:09 PM

While I was searching for winter inspiration pictures at google I typed in ´let it snow.´ You won´t believe what happened then: It started snowing! Maybe you have already seen it, or read about it. But for me, I just found out so I just wanted to share it for the ones that haven't seen it yet.

When you type 'let it snow' you first get some snowflakes and after that your screen is going to get frozen. So you can write things on your screen with your mouse.

Than when your screen is totally frozen you can write on it, like I've done here: (if you can't read it it says 'love!.' And if you have had enough of this 'snow' you can just click defrost.

Did you know about this? And do you like it? 

Much love!

ps. If you want to see the screen shots bigger, you can click on them. 

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  1. Dat is zo leuk, ze hebben wel meer van die dingen altijd. x