Inspiration Saturday: the best of lookbook

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Even while a it's a new year, with new changes, I'm still going to keep some old things of my blog exactly the same. Like today, he inspiration Saturday. One of my good intentions for this year is to make more pictures of my outfits. Like many fashionbloggers do. Of course I don't have the same camera or a photographer, but we'll just do it with whatever we have. For fashionable inspiration there is one big site that stands above all the others, it's lookbook of cours. So today I'm going to share some of my favorite outfits I found at lookbook with you.

Source:  Lua P.
Source: Bethany S.
Source: Jennifer G.
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Source: Anna-Lena L.

Source: Jennifer G.

Source: Alana R.
Source: Kasia G.

Source:  Elena S
Source: Petra K.
Source: Violet E.
Source: Cheyser P
Source: Linnea J
Source: Ivy X.
Which outfit did you liked the best? Let me know! 

Much love!

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