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A very bad habit of me is checking the H&M site almost daily, I know, I know, I shouldn't do it. It'd save me a lot of money! :) But I just can't resist it. They just have so many nice clothes. Luckily they also have a sale page with the many cute items for a nice price. :) So today I'll share my H&M wishlist with you. 

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Earrings: 2,45 - Pink skirt: 5,95 - Wine red blouse: 5,95 - Dear top: 5,95 - Brown sturdy shoes: 14,95 - Denim heels: 12,95 - Brown boots: 9,95 - Ring: 1,95 - Jumpsuit: 4,95 - Denim dress: 4,95 - Peach dress: 9,95 - Top: 7,45 - Brown skirt: 4,95 - White tank top: 2,95 - Purple heels: 19,95 - Black heels: 19,95

Do you have a H&M wishlist at the moment and what do you think of mine? Let me know!

Much love!

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  1. Heel erg leuk, ik ben gek op de uitverkoop bij de hm. Ik heb nog geen wishlist, maar die groeit vast snel als ik weer bij de sale ga kijken ;)