Help! My computer isn't working...

by - 11:54 PM

Maybe you've noticed that my posts weren't very spectacular lately, I didn't post as many (selfmade) pictures as I'd want to. And today I didn't had any spectacular posts for you either. ... Unfortunately my computer isn't working with me... I just can't upload any pictures at my blog anymore. (and I have no idea why!) So I'm trying to solve this problem by trying other internet browsers, cleaning my computer, etc. But so far nothing has worked yet.

So I have to use the pictures that I've used in earlier posts. Plus the fact that my marks for testweek have been a bit disappointing, so I haven't had much time to solve the problem yet. I hope that I've solved the problem by tomorrow, but please don't kill me if I haven't! Also if you have any clue about whats wrong with my computer, feel free to leave a commend! :) 

Then some other news Looklet is going to stop, tomorrow, January 31, is the last day that you can enter to your profile and copy all the looks you want to keep. Just a little reminder.

So have you ever used looklet? Let me know!

Much love! 

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