A girls dream..

by - 12:38 AM

A walk in closet, isn't that one of your girl dreams? Well it's one of mine. And not just a walk in closet, I'd want a big one, with a wall for my shoes, a wall for my bags and a cough in the middle in the room. I know, I know, it's not very realistic for most of us, certainly not now when I'm living with my parents... But dreaming about it can't hurt me right? I've found some of the most beautiful walk in closets and I can't wait to show them to you! :)

Want to get a sneak peak of my dream? Click read more! :)  

Well I hope you liked it and that maybe one day we all have a closet like those! Maybe I'm going to a what's in my closet post soon, Even though I don't have a walk in closet, I have a pretty big closet. (to store my many, many clothes! :p) What does your closet look like and do you know anybody fortunate enough to have a walk in closet? :) Let me know! 

Much love!

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