Dirty washcloths?

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Yes you've red it correctly, dirty washcloths.  Everybody knows those cute little washcloths or sponges, they're very easy and quick to use. You might use those when you're under the shower or just to wash your face, many people use them daily! (and I was one of them!) But I'm sure that you'll use them a lot less often as you used to after you red this blog post...

Have you ever thought about how many bacteria can live at one washcloth? Well I can't tell you the precise number, but I can tell you that many could live at just only one washcloth! You might say, don't worry, I was them every time when I've used them. (I wouldn't blame you because I said exactly the same thing when I first heard this) But you know, unfortunately most bacteria don't die under about 60 degrees...

Are those bacteria dangerous? No, most of them aren't, but it's still not very hygienic. And if you'd live alone you'd know that those bacteria are only from you, but if you live like me and you share the house with four other people (and a dog) than those bacteria can be everybody's! Imagine how many bacteria you put on your body when you try to wash them of!

Another thing is that when you are washing your whole body with just one washcloth, you just take the bacteria from your feet to your bud and from your bud to your face... Isn't that dirty? Well I'm sure of one thing: I'm not going to use washcloths very often anymore!

Did you knew this about washcloths and do you use them regularly? 

Much love!

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