The Day Zero Project

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Yes your reading it right, I've just started the day zero project! In case you haven't heard of it yet, let me explain it quickly. Basically you just make a list of 101 goals that you want to reach in 1001 days. The day you start they are going to count down for you. So I started yesterday with 1001 days left and today I've 1000 days left. You need to accomplish 101 goals, so it doesn't matter if you do something of your 101 goals list, or of your someday list, as long as you've 101 goals done when your at day zero. Want to read more about this project, and discover my other 76 goals? Click read more!

And even when you're not going to do this challenge, it's just fun to visit this site to see what other people want to do. You can see 'the top 101 things to do,' so the things most people have at their 101 goals list. Currently on top is 'donate blood,' followed by 'Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years' and 'Sleep under the stars.' You can also see 'the top 20 goals added to participants' Someday list' and 'the Top 20 most popular tasks that have been done.'

If you're not inspired enough to start your own day zero project you can find even more inspiration at the idea finder or the features. It's loads of fun to use the idea finder because it's a kind of a quiz, you need to chose between two things you might ever want to do in your life like: A Visit the Dominican Republic or B Go ice skating.

My project started yesterday, as I mentioned before and I'm going to keep up a little diary how things go. I hope that I'll be able to conquer all my goals before my day zero. (which is 27 September 2014!) If you want to read all my goals than you can just go to my profile here, and if you want to keep updated of the goals I've already accomplished than you can also follow me. If you've also started this project I'd love to hear from you, because I like to get inspired by other people!

Does this day zero project seem like something you'd do? Or would you rather watch other people accomplishing their goals? Let me know! 

Much love!

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