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Every week I'll choose a blog of the week, it'll be one of my favorites, sometimes a well known one sometimes a starting blog. The subject doesn't matter, the language doesn't matter, I just have to like it. This week it's a blog all about fashion. The blog of this week is:

This blog is actually one of my favorite blogs, I really love her style! I'd wear almost every outfit she has posted at her blog. The pictures are beautiful and the outfits are great, so what else would you wish for at a fashion blog? The owner of the blog Roxy Qwerinto also has two very cute cats, which you can also see at the pictures at her blog of course. 

Want to see why I like this blog so much, click read more for the beautiful pictures!: 

Did you already know her blog and do you like her style? Let me know! :) 

Much love!

All pictures I used are from!

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