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Alright, finally I can post the pictures of the things I bought last Saturday. Last Saturday I went to kruidvat and saw that almost everything is in sale! (you should definitely check it out!) Can you believe it? Well I took good adventage of it and bouht 8 nail polishes, 3 stripers, 1 lipstick, 1 foundation, 1 mineral pearls, 1 eyebrowkit, 4 eyeshadows and 1 quick nail polish stift. What I spend? 18,34 euro. Not that much for 20 products! :) So do you want to see what I've bought? Click read more!

First of all the essence magnetics nail polishes were on sale, you get a reduction of 50%! So normally those would have been 2 euro each, and now I paid 2 euro for both.
These are the colors: '05 pixie dust' and '01 miracle shine.'

 Then I also bought a nude, beige nailpolish of gosh and a bright red nailpolish of catrice. (sorry for the stickers) These nailpolishes are both from a special edition, so you just have to be lucky to find them in the recuction box.
These are the colors: 'GOSH 003 Groovy Grey' (2.50 euro) and 'Catrice C01 Oriental Orange.' (0,50 euro)

I also bought these two mono eyeshadows of catrice, I really love the package, they look very chic and a bit sporty don't you think? You'll be suprised to hear that both only costed 50 cent! Just 50 cent! So I couldn't leave them. I'll let you know how pigmented they are in a later post! :)  
Unfortunately both don't have stickers anymore, since the green reduction stickers were placed overneath the names...

Then I also bought some of the essence color and go nail polishes, these are also going out of the assoritment and are noq for 50%!  So I actually just payed 2,70 for 4 polishes!

 I also bought these two eyecream eyeshadows. I just like to use those as a base and usually they are very pigmented. Unfortunately the pink one is empty! So that's pretty bad news, but the blue one is amazing! Very beautiful! These were both 50 cent btw.
These are the colors: '04 glam it up' and '02 so hot.'

Then the three stripers, I bought two of the normal essence collection and one of the 'I love Berlin' collection. The black one lay in the reduction basket and was just 50 cent. The purple and the silver were both for 50% since they are also going out of the assortiment. I think they were both 1 euro. But I'm not that sure.
These are the colors: '10 more than silver,' '05 purple magic' and '01 Berlin story'

Actually I hoped that this pen would have been a nail remover, but since the sticker was overneath the name and the price was only 50 cent, I took him with me. So at home I was a bit disapointed, but we'll see what this thing does.

 Then I bought an eyebrow kit for 1 euro, which contains brown eyebrow powder, 3 eyebrow shaps and a brush. I'm pretty curious about this one!

 I also bought myself a foundation and mineral pearls from GOSH. The foundation was priced for just one euro and the pearls were 2,50.
The pearls look beautiful, don't they? :)

 And I bought a red lipstick from catrice, which I couldn't leave to test it directly. It's a very deep red color and the lipstick is very soft. I'd say a great lipstick, certainly for 50 cent! :)

Then I also bought these nailpolishes at H&M sale, it has been a while ago, but I still wanted to show it to you because I'm very happy with them!

I hope you liked this very long beauty shoplog and if you have any requests for a review, just leave a commend! Have you already bought anything in this sale?

Much love!

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