Anti aging cream made of gold

by - 11:51 PM

Yes, you red it correctly. An anti aging cream made of gold, it exists. The English drugstore Boots added this anti aging cream to their assortment. Actually I'm not really suprised, these days we put everything on our face what might help stop the aging process. Of course, since I'm just 15, I might not understand how bad the aging process is. But come on, some people put creams made of bird poop or an umbilical at their face.

Even though I'd rather have golden jewelery instead of golden day cream, golden day cream sounds a lot more attractive than umbilical cream. And the cream isn't that expensive as I thought it would be, it's £ 39 for 15 ml. Which is expensive for a normal cream, but since it's made of 23 carat gold, I guess it's a reasonable price.

What do you think? Is the beauty industry going to far with all those weird creams or would you actually consider buying one of them? Let me know!

Much love!


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