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Many people, man and women, don´t believe in their own beauty. Many people think they are less than other people because of their looks. Many people would do everything to change themselves. Many people are unhappy and insecure because of their appearance.

Why? Why is beauty so important? What is it, that attracts us to it? People mostly blame the media, but this process has been going on for years, for century's. Before there even was any media! This might be a part of our surviving instinct: we all want a partner, and therefore we look for the best, for the healthiest. Healthy is a good skin tone, red cheeks, big hips, healthy and sporty looking body, etc.

We are all searching for that perfect healthy partner, to have perfect healthy kids with. Even when you're not even thinking about kids! I think that's were we misunderstood. We don't understand the meaning of the word beauty anymore. Being beautiful is nothing more than being healthy. Sadly people don't (or don't want to) understand that you just have to be healthy. Because being healthy takes time. 

People want to look awake, but nobody 'has time' (= makes time) to go to bed early. 
People want to be skinny, but don't want to exercise. 

Then reality comes in. Everybody knows that when you have to go to bed early, you have less hours on a day. You know it's better for you, but you also know that you're 'to busy.' While you can also just put a little concealer on the next morning, five minutes work! When you see it that way it's like you would steel time from yourself by going to bed early. 

It can become even worse. When you don't want to get healthy skinny, but just want to be skinny no matter what. So many girls suffer from anorexia or bulimia, because they think they are fat. It becomes an obsession for them to lose weight, to be skinny. It's like a competition, but you never win. That's why anorexia and bulimia are so frustrating. You never seem skinny enough, you also start to see fat, where is particularly not even skin anymore. You start to be a slave of your body. You start to kill yourself.

Losing weight is one thing, but do it the good way. I am against diets and all that kind of stuff, because it isn't healthy. It isn't natural. If you really want to lose weight because you think that would be more healthy, you should change your lifestyle. That includes more than just food! That's why you should talk to your doctor at the first place, he can get you an dietitian who can explain you everything. You'll have someone who helps you, who you can ask answers, etc. I understand it's scary, because you're opening up about a problem what has really been bothering you, but after that you'll be proud on yourself. You should be! 

Then I want involve the media in this whole fake beauty world. Because the media made it worse. Before the media, women only had the other women as competition, because of the media that amount of competition has just become very much more. It's confusing, it seems like you're never going to be better than that perfectly women at that billboard. It gets even worse when (the person you want to be) your boyfriend likes that perfectly women. You might even get hate feelings for that perfectly woman at that billboard, which makes you feel guilty, and you're in a visual cycle: you feel bad. 

You shouldn't, do you know that 99.9% of all pictures in the media are retouched?  

I can't say that it's easy for me to be happy with my looks, I don't think I'm the most ugly human at this planet, but still. For me it gets easier to like myself when I get older. I can be more myself, I start to get my own style, I start to decide. I still care about what other people think, but I won't always listen to them. I start to understand when critic is just someone who's angry or if it's really helpful. Because other people can tell you everything, but you're the writer of your own book, you can chose what to do with it! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, but mostly that you feel beautiful. 
Don't be to hard on yourself, every person can be so beautiful, you just have to find out what's the best way for you!   

Much love!

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