Smart shopping for December

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You can really see that December is coming. You see discounts everywere, the advertising is more then ever and at the commercials at TV are even longer than they already were. All because of 'Sinterklaas' and Christmas.  I love the December month because there are many parties, everything is nicely decorated, great food and people really seem to be nicer to each other. Or is it just me?

Also it's great to shop at this time. There are many actions and discounts etc, but you have to be careful that you won't buy stuff you don't need or what you aren't going to wear. That's why it's smart to make a wish list. Certainly for clothes, shoes, accessories and bags. 

First take a look at your closet, what do you really need? Do you have enough socks? Are your white and black T-shirts still nice? Do you still fit your shoes, and are they still comfortable? Just ask yourself some of those simple questions. Write the things you need down, and make a line underneath.
Then you're going to find some inspiration, maybe from blogs, lookbook, magazines, tv, etc. Anything you get inspired from. Do you see some items what would look great on you? Some items you totally love? Keep those pictures close in your mind en write some words down what would remind you of those pieces. 

After that your going to take a look at your favorite brands, what have they to offer you this time? Your going to search for similar items as the ones you found when you were searching for inspiration. If you found them write the name and the brands behind the description of your inspiration wishlist. 

Last but certainly not least, tell yourself how much money you may spend. If you tell yourself I'm not going to lose more than 200 euro today. It's also better to go with only 200 euro, so there is no posible way to spend more. That way you won't feel guilty after you went shopping!

Now some news that you might like! :D

If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium I've got some good news for you. :) If you buy the Dutch Glamour magazine, you'll get 20% discount on brands such as VILA, H&M, Mango, Hunkemoller, ICI Paris XL, Dept, Mexx, Pieces, Rituals, Vero Moda, WE Women, Starbucks! (only at October 1) There are 38 brands who are participating. So there is plenty of choice! You can even use the discount online for some brands as well!

 Sadly enough I just gave myself a shopping prohibition. So I won't shop like a month or something like that. It might also be clever to find myself another job. I just need to find some time. For the ones who are going to shop at October 1, let me know what you bought because I can't wait to see it! :)

If you want to be prepared you can also download the iPhone app. :)

If you aren't going to use this Glamour day discount, but still want to buy some things at H&M it might be clever to use some discount codes. Luckily for you, I have two of them! :) I don't know if they also work outside the Netherlands, and for how long the are usable, but I ordered last week with them, and they worked pretty well! :D

1304 to get 5 euro back
9514 for 25% reduction at the most expensive product. 

Much love!

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  1. I love christmas time too! :)

  2. Good plan :) but I doesn't feel like winter is coming at the moment! x

  3. like it!!great blog!thanks for your comment!i hope that you return on my blog!kisses and follow you with bloglovin=)

  4. good plan and great post! :D Xx