“Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping''

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It's the famous shopping quote. Of course money can't buy you happiness for a lifetime, but for that few seconds shopping can really make you happy. It's like eating chocolate: every woman knows that she shouldn't do it to much, but they still do! For me it's also really something I look forward to, something I can do with friends or with my mother. I just love to shop. 

I think most of you can relate to my ''shopping addiction.'' When you think you have enough cloths you see that one sweater that would just totally look awesome on that black jeans. Well I have had some times like that last month. I bought two pairs shoes and some clothes. So it's time for a shopblog! 

Where have I bought? Well I bought this month online. At zalando and the H&M online shop. I just couldn't resist it. :) So lets see:

First I'm going to start with the things that come later. I already ordered them, but they would come in the end of October I thought so I have no own pictures of them. 

A grey oversised vest, I just wanted one. I also saw the look with the fake leather jeans, and I totally loved it. Great combination. I hope to get my vest soon. :) 

A black blazer. I have no black blazer yet. A shame don't you think? I thought I just needed one. This one looked quite young, that's why I chose this one. :)
 Then the stuff I've got! 
The black fake leather jeans. I just love the combination, it makes a oversized sweater or vest look amazing. The jeans fits good, but I have no picture of it yet.  

I bought this one to, but it doesn't fits that pretty. I do love the color, but I think I'm going to return it.

I just wanted a pretty brown/grey bikini, and this is it. It's really beautiful and very cheap. I would check the H&M site for the bikini sale. 4.80 a complete bikini! love it. 

I love this bikini, I just love it. It looks amazing. 

Than the shorts, they are way to big while I ordered them in the right size. I might return them and buy two sizes smaller, but I don't know yet. 
This was what I bought at H&M.

Then I also bought something at zalando.nl:
I like my new shoes, they are very comfortable and look good. :) 
Hope you liked it :)

Much Love!

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