Picture Perfect sunday

by - 11:59 PM

This week I decided to do it different, this week won't be as usual. I'm going to change my blog in this week, new subjects, new lay out. So last week I decided to make pictures for that. I get my scrabble out and tried some new ideas.

To prevent confusion, I put the changes in a row:
- Every Saturday I'll do a inspiration post: inspiration Saturday
- The Sunday stays the same: picture perfect Sunday.
- Every Wednesday I will  announce the blog of the week! 
If you would like to be the blog of the week for this week leave a comment telling me why your blog is so special. You can also email me at dutch-beauty@hotmail.nl. 

Want to see what you can expect for the future?

I hope you enjoyed watching and if you have some good ideas for my blog then I would love to hear from you. 

much love!


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1 interesting thoughts

  1. awesome ! love abit of chop and change, i do it often with my own blog. the blog of the week idea seems so great!

    good luck :)