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Everybody has periods when there self-confidence is lower than normal. When you just can't see the good qualities you have and when you don't understand why anyone can like you. The moment you can use someone to encourage you. It's normal to feel this way every ones in a while, because after sunshine comes rain and after rain comes sunshine.

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When you're very down, you can only come up. People have to see the bottom, to climb up stronger. Which isn't nice to hear when you are at the bottom of course, but stay positive: good things will happen in your life, you can make them happen. You have the power to change your life. You can climb up.

''Life is a party, but you have to hang on the garlands.'' 

I can;t tell you how special you are, you need to realize that yourself. But it can help if people just tell you enough. ;) So if you could use a little boost, click read more! 

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Don't take this one too serious, just have fun.
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Much love!

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