How to fold a T-shirt perfectly?

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Well my mother and I argue about that a lot, sounds familiar to you? Most people have a bench of T-shirts which can't all be hanging an a hanger. That would take to much space, that's why most people fold them, but everybody has his own way.

I collected some way's to fold a T-shirt perfectly. So if you finally want an answer just watch and enjoy! :)

I found a short clip with a for me unknown way to fold a T-shirt perfectly. It looks really difficult but it's actually pretty simple! 

If you don't understand the first video here is another explanation:

Want to see more ways? Click read more! 

Then someone found folding even that hard, he invented something to make it more easy. Never heard about it? Well I'll introduce you to the flip fold. 

For the ones who don't want to buy a filp fold, you can also make them yourself. Here is a DIY flip fold video: 

Hope you enjoyed watching!

Much love!

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