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Every week I'll choose a blog of the week, it'll be one of my favorites, sometimes a well known one sometimes a starting blog. The subject doesn't matter, the language doesn't matter, I just have to like it. Last week I choose a fashion blog, so I thought lets do a beauty blog this week. This week the blog of the week is: is one of the best visited dutch beauty sites. The site is online since januari 2009 and it's made by the owner Serena Verbon. is mostly visited by women between 15 and 35 year. 

What I mostly like about is that Serena explains how things work. There are so many commercials about how long your lashes will be, how smooth and shiny your hair will be and how white your teeth will be. The thing is, those commercials never explain how that's possible. Which ingredient is so special? Well Serena explains it and I, while I'm very bad in science, understand it. It's fun to read. Conclusion: if your dutch and you love beauty, you should check her blog out. 

I hope you enjoyed readinh, and if you want me to check out your blog just leave a comment with your blogadress. I always check the comments ánd the blogs. Maybe you'll see your blog in the next blog of the week!

Much love!

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