Blog of the week: the blond salad

by - 11:57 PM

Every week  I'll choose a blog of the week, it'll be one of my favorites, sometimes a well known one sometimes a starting blog. The subject doesn't matter, the language doesn't matter, I just have to like it. This week the blog of the week is: The blond salad! 


The blond salad is a very well known fashion/lifestyle blog with (currently) over 50000 followers on bloglovin! Chiara Ferragni started this blog October 2009 and in two years she has reached 90,000 views daily! I'm a hug fan of her since a year now and I love her style. If you didn't knew her yet, I would check her blog. It's worth watching and I always get inspired. For you guys I collected some of mine favorite outfits she wore, want to see which ones I selected, click read more!

I hope you enjoyed watching, and if you want me to check out your blog just leave a comment with your blogadress. I always check the comments ánd the blogs. Maybe you'll see your blog in the next blog of the week! 

Much love!

ps. I'd love to see what you think of this blog, would you be so kind to answer the poll? 

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