Are You Happy Now?

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Bullying is a problem, that might be clear. At least, it is for me. Unfortunately it's still happening, so for some people it isn't that clear.

Every single day, in your country, in your city, in your school, in your class, bullying happens. For some people bullying or being bullied even became a habit. People feel insecure, misunderstand, unloved and ignored. People don't see what they're worth anymore. You might think I'm talking about the people who are bullied, but I'm also talking about the people who bully.
Both of them are insecure. When people bad, they want other people to feel the same way. Nobody wants to be alone. That's how bullying starts and also the reason why bullying never ends. Maybe if people start to realize what they are doing, they will see that bullying isn't the solution for their own problem. Maybe they start to see that it will only make it worse. That's why I'm currently writing about it. I want people to see and understand what they're doing and why they're doing what they're doing.

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It's so easy to make people feel bad about themselves. Just find their weakness, maybe they feel alone, fat, ugly, misunderstood. Just tell someone who feels alone that he or she is ugly and will never marry and you've killed all the hope what was left. Are you more happy now? Yes, maybe for that few seconds. You felt how you could feel happiness again, but unfortunately that happiness only takes a few seconds and then leaves. You start to want more, you start to get addicted.

You want to feel that happiness no matter what and you don't think about anyone else. You don't see that all that person (which you just broke) needed was a little love, a little trust. You don't see that that person is just the same as you and you don't see that you could have helped him/her. It might have given you the best friendship ever, you blew it, but you don't see that. You felt happy that few seconds. You don't think of the happiness you could have felt for many years together. You don't think of the happiness you could have given to him or her. You can't see it, it's like you're blind for it.
It's a strange thing that the people who are bullied and the people who bully are actually the same. Why can bullying still happen then? It's because they both don't understand that they are in the same situation. They both don't see a way out. The person who is bullied thinks the bullier is better then him/her. He/she feels to weak to stand out, he/she can't talk to the person who bully's him/her. Imagine, that would be an other rejection!

You see the problem now? We are in a visual circle. A circle made by people who think they are not good enough. This circle never ends until one of the two will stand out and replace himself into the other. This circle will only stop when people find out that true happiness, the happiness which will stay with you for ever, can't be measured by  material things or by other people. This 'true happiness' can only be made by you! Never forget that we are all the same.

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I hope nobody of you feels alone, unwanted, unloved, ignored, misunderstood or ugly, but if you do please talk to someone you trust. Nobody has the right to break you. Never forget that you are special!

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Much love!

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