World Animal Day

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Today is animal day, it's the day that we give our dearest animals an extra treat and hug. It's the day we must remember how great the animals around us are. It's the day that we must really do something fun with our animals.

That's why I want to make a picture post for and about my sweet dog. :) 

My sweet dog: Mila. 

Want to see more pictures? Click read more! :)

Puppys are always the cutest, so here some pictures when she was young. 

With her brothers and sisters when she was just born, Mila is the one at the left. 

A picture of them while they're all eating, Mila is the one with the blue eating can.
This is a baby born basket and two of those little pups just fit in it, isn't that amazing? 
Then she finally came home, in our house. (because we bought her from another family which had to many cats and dogs to keep her) She quickly found her place, and because she was so little we put a big fake dog in the bench so she would get used to it. 
This is the big fake dog I'm talking about. She loved it from the minute she came into our house. 
She first didn't dear to walk on the grass, this was her first time. :)
Then she got bigger

We still kept the dog in the bench, but as you can see, it wasn't necessary anymore. Because she just kept growing! 
She loved (and still loves) to lay at my mothers nap. 

And this is a very current picture from my sweetheart:

She has become really lazy and food addicted, but she's still that cute wild puppy for me.  

I also want to post this picture of my sweet bird: Ricky,
he died this summer. RIP

Well this were my pictures for animals day,
Don't forget to give your dearest animals some extra hugs, love and care!
I hope you enjoyed! :)

Much love!

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